Joaquin Phoenix is the New Joker

Official photos have been released of Joaquin Phoenix as the new Joker and i’m really not sure what to make of it.

To me it looks like a mashup of Cesar Romero 1966 Joker and Heath Ledger’s awesome 2008 version.

There have also been a few seconds of movie footage released in which you can see he is holding a pen and this looks like it’s from Jack Nicholson Joker in the 1989 Movie.

That’s like 3 jokers in 1!

The Joker movie is set in the 1980’s and also stars Robert DeNiro.

It is a standalone adaptation of the Clown Prince of Crime’s origin story and at the moment there doesn’t seem to be any sign of Batman in this movie.

Although i’m not sure of this new Joker I am sure that the DCEU needs this to be a hit.

Joker is set to land October 2019