Enter Flashtime-Spoilers-Season 4 Episode 15

Jessie Quick returns to see her Dad Harry after she received an apology cube from him, which is perfect timing as she is a key character in this episode.

Joe West sends and alert from Downtown Central City as when  the Argus Agents were moving a bomb, there was some resistance in the form of eco-terrorists. Attending the location of an airport hanger Team Flash manage to deal with the imposters except Veronica Dale who detonates a nuclear bomb.

With there being nothing Barry can do to stop the bomb he goes into hyper motion to enter Flashtime with fellow Speedster Jessie Quick. This makes the time outside freeze temporarily, whilst an outcome to stop the bombs effects could be found.

Barry tells Jesse to go and get Jay Garrick another Speedster because he might know what to do.

In the trial of the flash episode Barry discovered he could make people move at the same speed as him but everyone else remain still and uses this to bring Cisco into Flashtime to get advice. Cisco suggests it could be breached to a dead earth but it was unable to use his powers to do this as Barry was bending time in hyper motion.

Harrison Wells is next to be brought in to the temporary time void  and suggested putting the bomb in the speedforce but it was deemed too risky by new arrival Jay Garrick.  He suggests cooling it could help so Harry was replaced with Killer Frost in Flashtime but it made the effect of the bomb speed up.

Jesse suggests all three speedsters run, creating lightning to destroy the bomb but again it fails to work as Jay can no longer run to the same speed as Barry and Jessie.

Fearing there was no hope, Barry tells Jessie who is now the only one remaining in Flashtime with him, to get out while she still had the speed left to do so and save herself.  Rather than escape to Earth Two she decided to remain and die with her Dad Harry when the time started up again.

Barry had no option left so he decided it was time to bring Iris in to Flashtime fearing the end for them all. He says to her “you are my lightning rod Iris.” Which just in time gives her an idea to get the sphere from Speedforce to create the lightning bolts the speedsters had failed to create.

With the sphere obtained it is used, and to Barry’s delight it creates the lightning bolts which destroys the bomb.

Jay Garrick feels he isn’t up to being a speedster any more as he can’t maintain the speed.  He does say he has once more Flash to train first. Who could that be????

After the stress of the day Caitlin and Harrison Wells go and get a coffee when the mysterious girl from Barry and Iris’s wedding episode  spills coffee on the table, blaming it on getting jitters over meeting some people for the first time . Before they leave Caitlin says “I hope it goes well.” When she leaves, the girl says seriously under her breath “It did.”

Could this be Dawn Allen the daughter of Barry and Iris from the future. Other theories are that she could be daughter of Cecile and Joe or in fact Jennie Ognats aka XS the daughter of Dawn Allen and Grandaughter of Barry and Iris. Only time will tell.

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