Run Iris Run-Spoilers-Season 4 episode 16

Harry has been pondering how to overthrow DeVoe for good,  and has the idea of using a thinking cap (as Devoe did) to increase his knowledge to come up with a plan that DeVoe wont see coming.  Cisco is massively against this as there are a lot of risks.

During the discussion of the use of the thinking cap, Ralph delivers a low blow to Iris, criticising her for leading the team from the safety of the lab, and not understanding the danger he is in as a remaining Bus meta, with DeVoe on the prowl.

Joe and Barry meet at Jitters and Joe informs him that he cant have his job back at this point in time, and that the Mayor wants to meet with the DeVoes again, which is bad news for an already fearful Ralph as he would have to shape shift into DeVoe’s form again to convince the Mayor.

Cue the Villain of the week a dark matter Meta who is in the process of a bank robbery, using his ability to create extreme heat to open the banks vault.

Matthew Kim a member of the public steps in and pleads with the robber to stop.  His pleas are ignored so Matthew Kim touches the robber taking his powers allowing him to be arrest.

Joe and Cisco survey the crime scene testing the robber’s levels of dark matter, which have disappeared leading them to wonder where they have gone and who to.  They get a lead on Matthew Kim aka Melting Point and a potential bus Meta. Joe and Iris go to question him, which doesn’t go to plan, with Iris being held by knife point by the scared Meta, causing Barry as The Flash to arrive on the scene.  There is contact made between Barry, Iris and Matthew causing Iris to take on Barry’s  speedster powers.

Iris gets straight to practising her new ability with Barry there to guide her, when an alert comes in for people trapped in a fire.  After a quick change of clothes Caitlin,  Iris successfully saves the people but gets trapped needing Cisco to rescue her.

Back to the lab and Harry uses the redesigned thinking cap which starts to work until it catches fire.

After a chat with Caitlin, Cisco decided to help Harry as long as he sticks to certain conditions regarding the use of dark matter.

As Iris trains harder harnessing her new speed, the holder of the robbers fire power emerges.  He was another member of the public that Matthew Kim touched after taking the robbers powers.

With the new name of Pyro,  Iris races to battle the fire he is creating to save Central City wearing her new superhero suit.  With the advice of Team Flash she uses her speed to create a tidal wave that extinguishes  Pyro’s flames.

Matthew helps Barry and Iris switch their powers back, with the hope he will join forces with Team Flash against their battle with DeVoe.

Iris explains to Ralph she has always understood his fear as she felt the same when dealing with past Villian Savitar.  He then considers reprising the form of DeVoe to visit the Mayor.

Barry checks Iris doesn’t feel bad relinquishing her new found powers back over to him, which she is fine with as has started her journalism career again.








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