Season 4 Episode 17-Spoilers-Null and Annoyed

With the season finale creeping ever closer, the main focus of Team Flash is how to overthrow season villain The Thinker.

However this episode differs slightly with the inclusion of a comedic performance by Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith aka Jay and Silent Bob ( a bit before my time). They play clumsy delivery guys who have precious artefacts as their cargo.

This is where the Bus meta of the week is introduced in the form of thief Null, who has powers to touch and fill whatever/whoever with helium sending into the atmosphere, and back down into her hands in this case with her steeling a crown.

When assessing the scene of the theft Ralph uses his elongated arm to knock a priceless vase from the arms of the hapless delivery men who were already having a bad day. Unfortunately for the stretchy man it wasn’t to be his only blunder, as when he had a chance to capture The blue haired Bus Meta he messed it up causing Barry to question his ability and attitude again.

Over with the villainous Thinker (in the form of Bus Meta Izzy, the Fiddler) we got to see a sad situation for Marlize Devoe when she realised her husband had been drugging her with the weepers tears which erases her memory and makes her have feelings of love towards him.  In danger of forgetting again she makes a video to alert and remind her which resulted in the fact she was trapped in a cycle as the realisation was that this happens over and over again each time with Devoe wiping his wife’s memory.

In the Lab, Cisco is helping Breacher who’s powers have diminished with age. After prescribing a placebo Breacher (actor Danny Trejo) has a near miss with a vampire along with a “dusk till dawn reference”(again before my time). Breacher feels it is time to retire offering his role to Cisco with the added bonus of spending more time with Gypsy.

After a pep talk with Iris, Barry decides to give Ralph another chance, which works out well for him.  After being touched by Null, Barry floats off into the sky, and out of Ralph’s Elongated reach only for Ralph to transform into a human air bag to catch Barry on his descent.

Now for the controversial bit of the episode. Harry enters the Time Vault with his thinking cap and summons Gideon. Is he still Harry or Eobard Thawne.

I am an avid follower of most superhero content, but love The Flash the most

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