Shazam is about a young boy named Billy Batson. He is a foster child that spends his life running away from different foster homes in the search for his mum, whom he was separated from at a busy fun fair.

He is allocated a new foster family in Philadelphia in a group home, with five other foster children. He shares a room with fellow teenage boy Freddy Freeman who has a disability and walks with the aid of a crutch. He has a very keen interest in the world of superheroes.

Defending Freddy from older bullies he gets magically transported to a wizard and his life takes a dramatic turn with the use of the word Shazam!

With new enemies in the midst and no sign of his mum he must learn to use his new abilities fairly and wisely whilst still having the mindset of a teenage boy. He has no one else to turn to other than his new foster family.


I am an avid follower of most superhero content, but love The Flash the most

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