The Flash Season 4- Episode 18 -Spoilers- Lose Yourself

With one last bus Meta still out there, Barry and Ralph go back to the bus that was exposed to dark matter when Barry exited speed force, causing the people travelling to gain powers.  They discovered that the remaining bus meta Edwin Gauss disappeared on the bus.

Back at S.T.A.R Labs Harry has devised a weapon that could overthrow The Thinker in the form of a supercharged tuning fork. Whilst at the lab they are alerted that travel between pocket dimensions is happening. They use this information to track Edwin to a hippy colony, where Ralph, Barry and Catlin visit, when they are faced with Devoe’s Samurai who stabs Catlin. They do manage to capture Edwin though and take him back to the lab where he agrees to help them against DeVoe and we learn he is called ” The Folded Man” yes that really is his name!

Joe West thinks Harry is becoming addicted to the power of this thinking cap and hides it from him, only for Harry to fall out with Cisco damaging his Star Trek model in his desperation to get the cap back proving Joe’s point.

Ralph discovers that Edwin has unwittingly visited DeVoe’s Lair and Ralph decides with Edwins help to go alone to battle DeVoe, based on Team Flash being really the only family he has ever had and would risk his life to protect them.

Barry stops him and Edwin helps Barry, Ralph and Caitlin enter the Lair which of course The Thinker has foreseen and tricks them with a hologram and entered  S.T.A R Labs at the same time with Marlize and the Samurai.

Marlize battles Iris who gets injured but manages to  force her back through the portal, whilst her dad Joe kills the Samurai.

DeVoe takes the powers of Null and Edwin.  The rest of Team Flash return  and Ralph captures Devoe but the handcuffs open again probabally DeVoe using Kilgore’s powers and Ralph becomes Devoe’s latest victim and took Ralph’s abilities and form.

On Returning to his Lair, Devoe in the form of Ralph has the strength to transform back into his original form of Clifford to his wife’s delight.

Harry in desperation goes against Team Flash’s rules on using the thinking cap with dark matter and uses filling the thinking cap to it’s full level.











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