The Flash Season 4 Episode 20- Therefore she is-spoilers

This Episode starts straight back in time with a flash back of when Marlize and DeVoe first met at a conference about the future of technology, then back to the current with DeVoe announcing he has located all the elements he needs for his plan to enlighten the world.

At the lab Harry is trying to bring killer frost out of Caitlin again using sensors and Cisco’s vibe power which doesn’t work but Harry does divulge to the rest of the team about his problems dark matter and the thinking car have caused him.

Marlize and DeVoe break in to a building and steal a powerful solar panel, a guard tried to stop him and at first DeVoe listened to Marlize to leave and not harm him but he cant help his power crazed ways and kills the guard.

Cisco and Gypsy use their powers together to see a shipping container that is DeVoes next move and the team head to it but DeVoe already has it. Cisco and Gypsy fall out leading her to be overheard talking about Cisco’s job offer by Barry.

Various Flash backs in the DeVoes earlier relationship. One at a picnic and one where Marlize is unpacking DeVoes things and finds his notebook detailing his thoughts and plans about using technology against the human race. She leaves and is seen working abroad where a bomb goes off leading her to question if technological advances are the best thing.

Joe asks Harry to keep Cecile occupied whilst he organises her baby shower. using her new ability to hear thoughts she manages to write down what Harry is thinking before he forgets it.

Barry realises DeVoe is trying to build satellites with the things that he is stealing, and to make his plan work he would need a quantum computer. Knowing the location of one the team head over to it. DeVoe as usual is already ahead of them and has shrunk the computer to transport it. They try and stop him but Β DeVoe escapes but not before almost strangling gypsy to death which is the final straw for Marlize who realises there is no element of the DeVoe she fell in love with, left inside him.

All the team are at Cecile’s baby shower when the mystery girl knocks on the door with a gift for the baby.




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