The Flash-Season 4 episode 21-Harry and the Harrison’s-spoilers

Barry wakes up in the early hours in the morning to find that Iris wasn’t in bed and was downstairs with papers about DeVoe  spread everywhere and was about to restart her blog career again. Starting with an article on the Villain, explaining to people why DeVoe is such a big threat.

In the Lab, the team are discovering what the satellite DeVoe was planning to use, could be capable of doing.

Harry then calls for the council of wells to discuss his current condition, they then refuse to help because of his level of intelligence and how he was beginning to forget.  He eventually finds a team of previous Wells council members that were removed and are now the council of Harrisons and they give him some advice.

Caitlin is still trying everything to bring back killer frost, including acupuncture, but nothing is working.

The team then discuss making a tech free projectile to stop DeVoe’s satellite from working as any tech they used against him was bound to be destroyed by DeVoe harnessing Kilgore’s powers. Caitlin then goes on to suggest Amunet  Black to help them. She also thought Amunet could help her find her inner Killer Frost persona.

Caitlin and Barry go to find Amunet.  Norvark is a known accomplice of hers so they locate him with his armed men which Barry disarms instantly. Norvark is also keen to find Amunet Black as they are no longer accomplices but doesn’t know her location

Barry expresses his concern to Iris that the blog idea wasn’t the safest option for her to write about. She agrees to show the team once complete and make the decision over whether or not to publish it then.

Joe and Caitlin do so more research on on Amunet to find out her first job and her real name which gave them a location to find her.  It leads them to an ordinary looking shop but then spotted that people were going to the back which was an illegal casino to find her with an american accent to hide who she really was.

The team ask her to help she refuses at first until they mention that the world wouldn’t be able to be smart. She then states that there is no point keeping that mask on around me since you’re clearly the speedster from the prison leading him to him taking his mask of.

Amunet says she will help if they would help her to retrieve the shards she needs for her powers. They find that the shards were stolen with a poison that broke the metal and Amunet instantly knows that it was done by Norvark.

Caitlin then asks her to help her find a way to bring Killer Frost back with the splicer she used to take killer frost away. Amunet then admit that it never worked and it was always inside her and needed to find a way to bring her back.

Barry, Caitlin, Joe and Amunet go to where Norvark is and  intercept the deal to sell the shards.

As Barry goes towards Norvark he gets poisoned by the snake in Norvark’s eye. He has to phase through the poisoning whilst Amunet cuts the head off the snake.

When they get back to the lab they realise that Marlize is the only person that can help to defeat DeVoe.

Barry then agrees to let Iris publish her Blog article.




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