The Flash-Season 4 episode 22-Think Fast- Spoilers

At the start of the episode the guards disable the metta barrier where Diggle was waiting for them, except it wasn’t Diggle it was DeVoe in disguise.

The team are searching for airfields that DeVoe might use to launch the satellite and Barry figuring out how to get into DeVoe’s pocket dimension.

Harry then suggests Iris’s blog will help stop DeVoe  as she had 400,00 views for the article about DeVoe and perhaps reaching out to the viewers to report sightings of DeVoe could help locate him.

The team then find a message on Iris’s phone about Fallout from Argus.  Barry then goes to get find Diggle to check everything is alright with the Argus facility holding Fallout. It was all fine until Diggle said that he checked in 6 hours ago which raises Barry’s suspicions and he realised Diggle was now DeVoe and that Devoe already had access to Fallout’s power.

They realise this power surge will be used to charge the satellite and there will be 12 hours before the enlightenment.  If Barry tries to stop the satellite there is a chance he could get knocked out from the plates hat alternate.

After some deliberation it is decided the best option would be to use Caitlin’s ice gun and Cisco’s powers and bring them into flashtime where there will be a way for Barry to let go.  Barry would need to use the charge from the plates to be fast enough to get into DeVoes pocket dimension. They then find there will be six Argus agents above each plate so Cisco would have to open a breach while Caitlin uses a cold gun to get them through.

Cecile’s powers are advancing as when talking to Joe her voice suddenly changed to match the same voice to the delivery man at the door.

Iris is trying to find Marlize as she is concerned she is still a major danger. Harry then does some research into Marlize’s  past, to find out more about her.

Barry then has to train Cisco and Caitlin on how to use the speedforce and how to get used to it.  He advises that it is best to keep calm in flashtime. The training causes Caitlin to be injured and gives Barry doubts about their plan actually working

Barry is then wondering whether he should go solo because he doesn’t want to risk their lives but Cisco made him realise that Ralph  turned out great to the last moment until he died and agrees to continue with the plan.

Iris finds  Marlize in England, using a portal to travel and talks to her about DeVoe and Marlize agrees to help them.

They get int Argus and successfully open all the breaches and Barry gets enough charge to get through DeVoe’s pocket dimension  and destroys the satellite but strangely DeVoe didn’t seem to care.

Caitlin then goes to Cisco to see if he can use his vibe powers on her and see what her memory was whilst she passed out earlier. It was showing how Caitlin had been Killer Frost since childhood.

As the others get back to the Lab they discover DeVoe had a different plan all along and was using the Star Labs satellite to replace the one that was destroyed.  DeVoe puts a device in Gideon which disables it’s functions.



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