The Flash-Season 4 episode 23- We are the the Flash-Spoilers

Captain Singh tries to phone Barry offering him his old job back after reading Iris’s blog post about DeVoe but whilst leaving an answerphone message all the tech in the city started to disconnect and power down. The Enlightenment had begun.

At Star Labs Barry is having a panic about what to do to stop the Enlightenment as Iris walks in with Marlize . She then suggests Barry should go into DeVoe’s mind, and using Cecile’s powers was the way to make it work, which was unfortunate as she had just gone into labour.

Using DeVoe’s chair Barry was  able to go into DeVoe’s mind.  It showed himself next to the bus that the Bus Metta’s were created on. The connection to DeVoe’s mind then started to disconnect as Cecile was having contractions and her powers would only work when pregnant.

Harry then put the thinking cap on to find out how to stop the enlightenment and gets a vision and tells Barry he needs to go to the point that Marlize and DeVoe first met.

Cecile has medication to delay her labour so she can continue to help Barry read Devoes mind and he returns to the meeting point of Marlize and DeVoe in DeVoes mind and he finds Ralph and realises what he has to do to free Ralph and stop the Enlightenment.

Marlize managed to put up a force field in the speed lab knowing that DeVoe would be on his way and it may be just enough time to stop him so they could transport the team to the lair.

Barry and Ralph then decide to travel in DeVoe’s mind to Oxford as that was another memorable place for Marlize and DeVoe and finds the original DeVoe before he became evil, dead.

Barry then realises that if Ralph got out the speed force then DeVoe would be destroyed and Ralph would get his body back and that was why he was keeping him alive. DeVoe was desperate to stop them doing this.

DeVoe then found the rest of team Flash in his lair and used nulls powers to freeze them in their place to stop them defending Cecile who he had to kill to defeat Barry in his mind.  As he goes to make his lethal move on Cecile, Barry gets out of DeVoe’s mind through the speed force  just in time destroying DeVoe and giving Ralph his body back.

Just as they thought it was all over DeVoe’s chair came back online with a hologram of himself making the satellites turn on which was stopped by Marlize who realised the man she loved was gone for good and ripped the cables from his chair destroying the hologram.

Caitlin then had to deliver Cecile’s baby since Barry couldn’t speed her to the hospital as it would effect the baby.

The team had to destroy the satellites as they were falling to the ground over the to the city.  As the last satellite fell the mystery girl’s reason for being there emerges, as she had travelled back in time and altered  events helping Barry with the satellite and changing his fate as it would have killed him without her help.

Marlize gave Cisco a device that may be able to restore the memory’s in Harry’s brain. Unfortunately when they used it, it didn’t work fully as it didn’t give him back his full intelligence. He decided to go back to his earth to be with Jesse.

Barry mentions the mystery speedster who helped him take down the satellite to the rest of team flash.

Cecile’s has a  party to welcome the newest member of the West family Jenna Marie West.

There is a knock at the door, it is the mystery girl saying “this house is bitchin.” which was the translation of what Barry said as he got out the speed force and said she was Nora Allen the daughter of Iris and Barry from the future.

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