Avengers infinity war-Spoilers

The film starts where Thor Ragnarok ended,  with a large ship about to engulf Thor’s ship.  This was Thanos’s ship. There appears to have been a bit of a battle as lots of Asgardian’s lay dead and Thor has been captured.  Having already acquired the power stone, from the planet Xander,   Loki agrees to give the tesseract, which has the space stone concealed inside.  He also has some people to help him which include Ebony  Maw, Cull Obsidian, Proxima Midnight and Corvious Glaive.  The Hulk fights Thanos but is overpowered by him and both Loki and Heimdall are killed  but not before Heimdall sends The Hulk to earth to warn them.

Hulk crashes down into the Sanctum Sanctorum turning back into Bruce Banner. He tells Dr Strange about Thanos and his plan to kill half of the universe to make it more balanced. Tony Stark joins them just as Maw and Obsidian arrive to try and take the time stone from Stephen Strange .

On a field trip, witnessing the circular wheel shaped spaceship arrive and his spidey sense being alerted , Peter Parker manages to escape out the bus window ( with Stan Lee’s cameo as the bus driver). He joins with Iron man to save the time stone and Dr Strange as he has been captured and taken to the spaceship. |Dr Strange has put a spell on the time stone so it can’t be taken from him without him allowing it.

Wong stays in New York to protect the Sanctum whilst Bruce Banner tries to get in touch with the other avengers although we learn Hawkeye and Antman are under house arrest.

Using a technique from an the film Alien, Spider man and Ironman manage to trap Ebony Maw in an air lock and shoot him out in to space killing him.

In Edinburgh Midnight and Glaive attempt to capture Vision and Wanda Maximoff to get the mind stone from Visions head. They are helped by Captain America, Black Widow and Falcon to escape. They Join Bruce Banner (who is struggling to return back to The Hulk) and War Machine and head to Wakanda as they have much more advanced medical equipment that may be able to retrieve the stone from visions’s head without killing him.

The Guardians of the Galaxy head to where the Asguardian ship was destroyed after hearing a distress call, and pick up Thor who is still alive. After a comical scene in which Peter Quill is told he is just a “dude” and that Thor is a “man” Thor heads off to Nidavellir with Rocket Racoon  and Teen Groot to get Eitre to make him a weapon to kill Thanos.

The rest of the gang head to Knowhere to warn the collector that Thanos is after the reality stone. Unfortunatly when they arrive Thanos already has the stone and takes Gamora to see Nebula who is being tortured for information on the location of the Soul Stone.

Gamora agrees to go go to Vormir with Thanos where Red Skull tells them a soul of a loved one must be sacrificed first,  so Thanos throws Gamora to her death.

Nebula escapes and meets the rest of the Guardians on Titan, the home planet of Thanos. Peter Parker, Tony Stark and Dr Strange also land on Titan. They make a plan after Stephen Strange manages to use the time stone to see millions of possible outcomes and only one in which they win.

Thanos arrives on Titan and the group go to work using their powers and skills to remove Thanos’s gauntlet but are unsucsesful, when a heartbroken Quill learns of Gamoras death and the plan fails.  Stark is wounded by Thanos but Dr Strange offers him the time stone to spare Starks life. Was that the plan in which they won failing or was that part of the masterplan????

In Wakanda,  Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers are reunited and Shuri gets to work on removing the Mind Stone from Vision’s head. The chaos soon arrives though as this is the last stone needed to give Thanos the ultimate power on the fate of half the universe.

A huge Battle ensues with Bruce Banner, unable to transform into The Hulk uses The Hulkbuster suit from Starks collection.  Scarlet Witch realises there was no other choice to protect the universe than to destroy the mind stone and kill her love Vision in the process.  Showing how powerful she really is she manages to hold back Thanos with powers from her other hand until the job was complete, only for Thanos to use the newly retrieved time stone to rewind time and resurrect the destroyed mind stone and rip it from Visions head and into his gauntlet.

Thor arrives with his Thanos Killing axe the stormbreaker and uses it against Thanos , badly  injuring him but sadly not enough as Thanos uttered ” You should have gone for the head”  as he clicked his fingers turning half the universe into dust including Groot, Peter Quill, Mantis, Drax, T’Challa, Wanda Maximoff, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Dr Strange and Peter Parker who died in  an emotional scene in Stark’s arms. Last to go were Maria Hill and Nick Fury who managed to send a transmigration to what looks like  Captain Marvel symbol as he turned to dust.

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