Are You Ready For Halloween?

Being huge fans of Halloween and Horror movies we have a great collection of spooky items for decoration and display. Including from the popular new movie Halloween 2018.

Ultimate Michael Myers Halloween (2018) Action Figure

Based on his appearance in the thrilling new Halloween movie, this all new Michael stands over 7″ tall and has received the Ultimate treatment, with over 25 points of articulation and tons of accessories.

The Ultimate Michael Myers figure comes with 2 heads, knife, hammer, jack o’ lantern, interchangeable hands and more.

Comes in display-friendly deluxe window box packaging with opening flap.

Living Dead Dolls Series 32 – Full Set of 5 Dolls

The Living Dead Dolls series 32 have vintage style Halloween costumes based on 5 classic disguises.

Each packed in their own coffin and complete with death certificates.

All dolls stand 10″ tall with 5 points of articulation and wear real cloth clothing.

Talking Pennywise Mega Scale IT Designer Series

Pennywise The Dancing Clown from IT (2017) has again emerged from the sewer of Derry!

The M.D.S. Mega Scale Talking Pennywise stands at a forbidding 15″ tall, is dressed in a real cloth clown suit, is fully articulated and says some of his most nightmare-inducing phrases from the film.

The M.D.S. (Mezco Designer Series) Mega Scale Talking Pennywise figure comes packaged in a collector-friendly window box, perfect for display.

Friday 13th pt.3 Jason Mask Replica

Made from resin and hand painted, includes leather-like straps so you can wear the mask or hang on the wall for display.

Accurate to the film in every way.

Freddy Glove Prop Replica Nightmare On Elm Street 1984 Movie

Wear or display this handmade replica of the original 1984 Nightmare on Elm Street film.

Handcrafted and made of real metal the glove has every detail as seen on screen.

Includes distressed leather-like glove with the metal attachments riveted to the glove.

Includes a mannequin hand form for display when you’re not wearing it.

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